McDonald’s Transparently Reveals Truths in “Our Food. Your Questions”

It seems like nobody really knows what is actually inside a Chicken McNugget. There’s a mysterious crunchy breading and the inside is white and squishy. The inside of the McNugget sort of resembles chicken but there’s definitely something not quite right.

photoIt’s not just you and your McNugget-loving friends that are confused. Consumers around the globe have questions about everything from McDonald’s food processing to advertising.

McDonald’s launched a campaign called “Our Food. Your Questions” to truthfully address consumer concerns and questions about food quality. The company set up a website (this is Canada’s website, but there are websites specific to many countries) and YouTube account to address these concerns and inform consumers about the truths of the company.

Recently, McDonald’s has been under a lot of heat for what is really inside of the McNugget, especially after a picture of some type of pink goo was released and was said to be the ingredient inside the McNugget.

In response, McDonald’s released this video to clear up the pink goo rumors.The video goes behind the scenes in the Cargill plant in Ontario, Canada to reveal the process behind the creation of the McNugget.

Although the videos and pictures that McDonald’s publishes in response to consumer questions don’t depict the most nutritious processes, they do depict transparency.

Transparency is one of the most important qualities a company can embody.

McDonald’s will build a more trusting relationship with its consumers if the consumers can tell that the company is communicating all of its truths.

McDonald’s presents itself with 100 percent transparency through the “Our Food. Your Questions” campaign, and I must commend the company for doing so.

Through this campaign, it is easy to see that McDonald’s is striving to reach complete transparency with its consumers. This is something that all companies should strive for in order to generate consumer trust and loyalty.

Photo via McDonald’s Twitter account


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