The Entry-Level Worries Of A Real Person

As I dive into my third-to-last term of college my mind is filled with anxiety, excitement and worry. Will I get a job right out of college? Will it be a job I’m satisfied with? What will the pay be like? When do I even begin applying for jobs? The list of worries goes on and on.

Despite my worries, I am excited and eager to be in the working world and experience what’s next. But that requires adjusting to life as what I refer to as a real person.

finding a jobI define a real person as a college graduate with a professional job and independent adult responsibilities. Being a real person seems both exhilarating and overwhelming, especially when the #1 thing I need to check off of my How-To-Become-A-Real-Person List is to GET A JOB.

The pressure to get a job is the most stressful aspect in my life right now. Karen Vitale’s post on Ragan provides some really insightful advice for people in the early stages of their career. She wrote the post to her former “20-year-old careerist self” about job-hunting and early career choices. I found this post really relevant to my own worries as a 20-year-old and soon-to-be college graduate.

I really took to heart Karen’s first piece of advice: Chill out. That’s it. Just chill out and take a deep breath. It’s so simple that it’s almost silly, but it will serve as an invaluable reminder for me (and many other college students) as I begin my life as a real person entering the workforce.

As I look at my resume, I realize I am really and truly proud of my accomplishments. A few internships scatter my resume but my work as an Account Supervisor with Allen Hall Public Relations, a student-run PR firm through the SOJC, stands out. I work closely with Account Executives and clients on a daily basis doing a wide range of hands-on PR work. This invaluable experience has prepared me for a job in PR.

There are still many obstacles and new experiences headed my way as I graduate college and enter the workforce. But Karen’s post reminded me to be confident in my passion for and experiences in PR, as well as my role as both a listener and thought-leader in the industry.

My entry-level worries will work themselves out and my life as a real person will begin as soon as I teach myself to chill out.

Photo by Karen Batchelor


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