Rice Krispy Treat Lay’s, Anyone?

That’s right, it’s a possibility. The consumer creates and the consumer chooses. It sure seems like fun and games, but is it smart PR? My answer: ABSOLUTELY.

In the world of public relations it is crucial for brands to communicate with its customers. Lay’s has done just that with the re-launch of its famous Do Us A Flavor contest. This contest allows consumers to create an original flavor and vote for other existing flavors with the chance of one of them selling on grocery shelves around the nation. The winner even gets $1 million.lays

One of the most important jobs of a PR professional is to ensure that the brand or company he or she represents maintains regular, positive interactions with its consumers.

The Do Us A Flavor contest allows consumers to interact with a familiar product in hands-on way. The contest is brilliantly designed such that not only the person who gets the monetary prize wins, but all consumers win when they see the consumer-created flavor on store shelves that they helped bring to life.

As a result of this fun and interactive contest that revolves around consumer participation, Lay’s creates a personality for itself that consumers become highly aware of. What kind of company would put on such an engaging and interactive contest? One that is fun, creative and innovative.

This type of consumer interaction will improve the consumer’s perception of the company and brand. Customers will be much more interested in the product if the company has a good relationship with the public and portrays a positive personality through PR tactics such as this contest.

The point: It is essential for brands to engage with consumers. Brands become much more interesting and attractive to consumers if the consumers feel they can engage with and relate to the brand on a personal level. Lay’s engages with customers and portrays itself to the public as fun, creative and innovative all in a day’s work with this contest.

Photo by Alexa Clark


One thought on “Rice Krispy Treat Lay’s, Anyone?

  1. I like that you chose this campaign as a topic. I remember when it first came out and will never forget the commercial with Eva Longoria trying to come up with flavors for these chips. And the social media campaigns were also very interactive. I think I even submitted an idea at one point. Lays did a great job with making it a contest, that even after its over, is still in peoples mind. It’s a great example of why brands should engage with consumers. Great read!

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